We've had a pretty brutal stretch of cold temps lately and we would all welcome some relief. Well, it looks like that is exactly what's on the way, relief.

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The National Weather Service out of the Twin Cities has put out their weather out look for the rest of the month and things are going to get better.  Not just better but much better.  Temps will steadily increase through the end of the month. We could be seeing 30's and 40's by the end of the month.

That's a nice 50 to 60 degree difference from what we've survived lately.  The Weather Channel has also released their predictions and claims we will see warmer than usual temps going into March.

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Like I've said before, March is can really be a crap shoot. Could be nice one week and a thud of a foot of snow the next week. March, just can't trust that month.

I could be wrong but it seems that just maybe, that lying bastard Phil the Groundhog is in bed with Big Oil driving up oil futures.

I have held my tongue about this cold snap, mostly because we got off so easily during November, December and January.  We had to figure there was some kind of payback coming and it did.

Let's hope for a great Spring, a nice warm sunny Summer and a Fall that lasts until the New Year.  Okay, I may be pushing it a bit.  One can hope!

Soon we'll be hearing that sweaty slap of flip flops, once again.

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