This week, the drummer for the greatest working rock & roll band, The Rolling Stones turned 79.   Wow, it's hard to believe someone almost 80 is still active and working for a band that has been selling out stadiums for over 50 years.

The Rolling Stones Perform Live In Adelaide
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Charlie Watts has had a pretty good life.  Married for over 50 years. he has an assortment of hobbies all while avoiding the limelight.

Charlie has, for the most part avoided mainstream media and rarely does interviews. He just seems to do his own job and mind his own business.

Charlie has also been named one of the best dressed men in the world, with his nice suits, he hardly fits the image of a lifelong rock star.

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My favorite Charlie Watts story is the one where the Stones were on tour and staying at a hotel. Mick Jagger was throwing a little party in his hotel suite and was disturbed that Charlie wasn't there.

Charlie happened to be in bed sleeping in his own suite. His phone rings and wakes him up. On the phone is Mick. "Hey, Charlie get down here, we are trying to have a party.  Can't have a party without my drummer".

Charlie, very pissed, got out of bed, put on a 3 piece suit and walked down to Jagger's hotel suite, knocked on the door and soon Mick came to the door.

Charlie punched him in the face and said "I'm not your f'ing drummer.  You're my f'ing singer", turned and walked back to his suite and went back to bed. Ya gotta love him!

Anyway, Happy 79th Birthday, Charlie Watts!


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