Wow, two icons born on the same day of the year. Bowie would have turned 72 today and Elvis would have turned 84 today. Can you imagine an 84 year old Elvis?

Jo Hale, Getty Images
Jo Hale, Getty Images

I always kick myself for turning down a free ticket to see Elvis just before he died. A friend had an extra ticket and I passed, thinking I'd catch an Elvis show next time but there was no next time. Of course, if you are one of those that refuse to accept that Elvis is gone and actually living off the grid running a gas station in the desert, maybe he'll stage a comeback.

I never had a chance to see Bowie either. Bowie never toured as much as most rock stars of his caliber. He did sell an estimated 140 million albums worldwide. His real name was Davey Jones but had to change it due to Davey Jones of the Monkees.

So, January 8th is a special day for music icons.


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