It happens to be the birthday of one of the best rock singers of all time. Rolling Stone magazine named Paul Rodgers #55 in their list of the 100 Best Rock Singers.


Paul Rodgers was born December 17th, 1949 in Middlesbrough, England.  He was mst know for his role as lead singer for Free and Bad Company in the seventies and The Firm in the eighties.

John Mellencamp called him the best singer in rock because of his powerful bluesy style. Freddie Mercury liked his aggressive style.

I got a Paul Rodgers concert sweat shirt once that just said Paul Rodgers Tour on the front. I gave it to my 77 year old mother and she wore it often. On the back was a list of song titles that Rodgers did. "Ready for Love", "Can't Get Enough", "Feel Like Makin' Love", Ready for Love". I don't think she ever read the back until she'd been wearing it for a couple of years. Yeah, I was a bad kid.

So, Happy 69th Birthday to Paul Rodgers and we'd love to see the original Bad Company do a tour.

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