I am here wishing you and your family a happy Fourth of July! Independence Day is statistically the most dangerous U.S. holiday, with the highest report of injuries out of all the major holidays. I know, I know, I'm shocked too that it isn't St. Patty's day with all that green beer and those crazy leprechauns...but apparently that's not the case. So please, BE SAFE, and have fun!

The weather is going to be hot once again so be sure to keep everyone hydrated! Lots of water, as often as possible. Especially if you are planning on enjoying some adult beverages, make sure you are switching it up with water every once and a while so you don't dehydrate yourself.

You are NOT too cool for sunscreen! I don't care who you are, if you will be spending any amount of time outdoors, put on some sunscreen. The sun will be hot enough for you to get a nice tan through your SPF and it will prevent you from getting a nasty burn. A sunburn doesn't look good on anyone.

Please be mindful of your animals during this heat, keep them indoors and hydrated. I know you want them to be around when you are having fun outside but it is far to easy for them to get over-heated, so save yourself the vet bill, and do you and your animal both a favor by leaving them indoors.

And last but certainly not least don't be stupid with your fireworks! Bystanders can get hurt just as easily as the one lighting the fuse, so stand back. Read the directions and fire them off properly and respectfully. Be especially mindful when playing with sparklers, I know they are fun to give to the kids, but remember, they too are FIREworks and can be very dangerous.

Nothing ruins a holiday quicker than a trip to the emergency room, so please be safe while partaking in your holiday fun. I sincerely wish you and yours a very happy Fourth of July!