Since I was a little kid, I've always been obsessed with coming up with a great invention. You know, thingsbaxter pic 5 that would make life easier and/or better for people. Most of my ideas have been shot down by friends and family, even though my success would be beneficial to them also. Some of my ideas; lead soled shoes for toddlers.  These would keep the little buggers from running off or darting into traffic. Besides the lead poisoning possibility and the chance that kids would have the thighs of an NFL linebacker by age 5, I thought it was a pretty good idea.  Then there is the exercise bike for women.  The faster you pedal, the faster the seat vibrates.  I'm guessing on this one, there would be potential for abuse.  I revised that idea to an exercise bike for teenagers that they have to plug their TV or computers into.  No pedal, no power.  I'll keep working on these and others. Please don't try and steal these great ideas or I'll have to sue.  It some morning you turn on your radio and I'm not there, I just might have hit the big time.  Most likely it will be I got canned for writing moronic articles like this.

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