This pandemic... are we all a bit tired of this stuff?  I know I am.  And it would be wonderful to have some live music around again, right?  There has been some loosening up of some of that, but we are all still wanting more of that, right?

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Local celebrity, Kat Perkins is getting creative.  She has introduced "Curbside Concerts".  It sounds pretty genius, really.  And you can book one of these shows with several different packages to choose from.  And really, why not, right?

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Kat has said that there will be the COVID protocols followed at each one of these shows.  There are some guidelines and information on her website.

Since everything as far as touring and performing have been put on hold for the foreseeable future, this seems like a pretty good alternative.  At least you can get a sort of concert.  AND it's up to you to choose what type it is.  Some of the choices include The "Soundcheck" package.  This is like a 3-4 songs, kind of like what you would hear at a soundcheck. There is also the "Rockstar" package.  This one is supposedly the most popular one.  This one lasts for 30 minutes.  Great for a lunch break, or something.  And there are a few other choices too.  Prices vary depending on what type of package you choose.  But, to see live music again, totally worth it.  You could even have a couple of people chip in for the performance.  Be creative!

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