Doesn't this sound like the worst thing ever??  And if you were stuck in one, let's admit, they usually aren't the cleanest places in the world, what would you do?  Does it depend how long you were stuck?  I once couldn't get the door open at first to a porta-potty and I thought my life had ended.

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This happened to a guy at a Burger King.  He was stuck in there for an HOUR!  Gross, right?  So, the manager offered this person free food for life.  Awesome, right?  Especially if you like Burger King.

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Well, the "victim" took full advantage of this offer and used it for about two weeks.  Apparently the manager thought he was wearing out his welcome, and abusing his offer.  He did say free food for life.  It's on him that he didn't put any sort of restriction on it.  Long story short, the manager rescinded his offer and pulled it completely!   Now, the guy that was stuck in the bathroom is suing Burger King.  This whole thing is ridiculous.


They are both probably taking advantage of the situation.  The manager probably felt bad and knee jerk reaction was to make this offer not really realizing what he did.  The victim in the situation is going way above what any normal person would do...

We'll see how this turns out.  What would you do?