You hear of people getting famous just for making and purely by "accident" having their sex tape released on the internet.


That probably wouldn't work for most of us but people still do make their own sex tapes. Why?

I guess, I can see the adventure in the whole idea. Maybe it's just a keepsake to look back on when the fire has been diminished by age.

Personally, the last thing I want to see is my lily white butt in a sex tape. I have this little movie going in my head and all is good. Why would I want to spoil that with what it really looks like.

Of course, my main worry about having such a tape would be if it was stolen and put up on the internet for all to see. Every day the tape exists is a risk.  Then there is the "what if we break up and my significant other puts it up on the internet?"

Yeah, it's all pretty scary. Has anyone actually made a tape?  What do you do to make sure no one finds it?  Have you taped yourself and destroyed the tape when it didn't live up to expectations?  Inquiring minds want to know

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