We have easy decisions to make in life like what we're having for dinner or what TV show we're going to watch. And then there are the really tough decisions like what house we're going to buy or if we want end a relationship . A recent survey asked adults what is the hardest decisions they've ever had to make. Here are the top ten:

  1. Should I have kids.
  2. Whether to get married.
  3. Moving to a new home.
  4. Learning to drive.  (that's strange)
  5. At what age to retire.
  6. Buying property with a significant other
  7. Deciding to end a serious relationship with someone your dating.
  8. Deciding how to save or spend money.
  9. Whether to get a divorce.
  10. Quitting your job

A few more that just missed the top ten are moving cities, moving abroad, getting a pet, going travelling, standing up for yourself, quitting smoking, investing money, removing toxic friends, changing career later in lifeand whether to go to college or not.

The survey also found that we make the most pivotal choices in life at 28 years old.

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