I have to say, it's good to see women stepping up and claiming their fair share of sex scandals. God knows, men have carried the brunt of sex scandals for as far back as we can remember.

Dawn Gentry, a 38 year old elected Republican family court judge from Kentucky, is in a heap of trouble.

She's looking at 9 misconduct charges.  There are enough alleged charges against her to fill up a court docket for the day. They include;


Having an affair with a pastor and then giving him a job he wasn't qualified for.  She also is being charged with pressuring a staff member to have sex with her husband. On the bright side, she also allowed her staff to get drunk at work.

In an effort to share her good fortune, she gave jobs to unqualified family and friends. and last but certainly not least, she occasionally had threesomes in her office with her pastor friend and various staff members.

Evidently, there was no "order in the court"

There will be a disciplinary hearing and will face confidential reprimand or could possibly be removed from office.

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