The Twins baseball season is back and I'm hoping this is the year when baseball gets exciting again. Here's a just a few things that would certainly make me want to go again.


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    Show some excitement with the P.A. Announcer

    Maybe it's gotten better since I was at a game early last year. There is nobody that can really make a crowd get into the game, other than the P.A. announcer. When they aren't excited then it's hard for thousands of fans to be into it as well.

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    Start hitting some home runs

    The most exciting part of going to Target field is when the teams are warming up on the field before the game. Everybody seems to be able to hit a long bomb into the stands, and it's a chance to catch some balls. Players always seem to interact with the fans in the bleachers by the outfield. We need more of this during the game.

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    Get the food & drink prices in check

    There was a time when a family could go to the ball game without taking out a loan. These days it costs a family of 4 around $200 to go to a Twins game. Paying $7 to $9 a beer is ridiculous, and it's hard to swallow paying $6 for a hot dog for your kids. You love them and want them to look forward to the game just like you did as a kid, but the price is 600% more expensive that they were back in the good ole days.

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    Start winning some games

    It's hard to spend all that money on going to a game when you know they are likely going to lose. When you have a losing streak, everybody's excitement is down. You have an amazing stadium, now get some amazing players! When most of your team is a B squad level player, we feel like we're just getting ripped off.