Every dog needs a home and a family and Rome deserves both he's a pretty cool pup.  Rome was our featured pet as Kate, from Tri County Humane Society, checked in with us this morning on the Morning Show


Meet Rome! Rome is currently awaiting adoption in a foster home through our Adoption Ambassadors program, call TCHS staff to set up a time to meet with him! He was brought to TCHS for some anxiety/stress issues. He has been very fearful around men and younger (active) children.

He is also fearful around loud noises and quick movements. Rome will take time to adjust to new people and environments. He will need a patient owner who is willing to work through his fearfulness and anxieties. He is fearful of some outdoor noises and cars passing and sometimes is too nervous to do his business. He has been working on this in the foster home and has been making great progress!

His previous home did say he was crate-trained which may help him keep up with good potty habits, and he is also used to having a crate in his foster home as his "safe space" When he is out on a leash he does well walking but when he gets nervous or spooked, he will try very hard to pull out of his collar and leave.

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He would benefit from an Emily Weiss Walkie to help have better control over him on walks, ask TCHS staff for more info! Check out the TCHS Re-Tail Shoppe for all your supply needs! He would benefit from an owner willing to work on obedience training to grow his confidence. He did well around cats in the past. He always did well with the other dog in his previous home.

In both the shelter setting and his foster home he does best when he has a canine friend to hang out with. He should go home with a confident dog to help teach him how to be more comfortable and less fearful. He was very playful with the other animals in the home, and would show his puppy energy when he felt more comfortable Once he becomes more confident, his high-energy nature will blossom.

He really enjoys bones and stuffed toys. He did well around older children, 12+ who understand how to properly interact with a dog, but should not go to a home with young children. He needs to be fed with a slow feeder dish because he regularly eats too fast which can cause vomiting and bloat. In his last home, when he was uncomfortable, he never showed any signs of aggression like growling or biting, but would mostly hide and wet himself.

These are signs of a submissive, under-socialized dog who will need proper training and reassurance to grow confident in himself. He would benefit from products like a Thundershirt and Adaptil to help ease his stress, both of which can be purchased at the TCHS ReTail Shoppe. Rome is very young and can easily be shaped into a confident, life-loving pup with the right owner willing to spend lots of time with him! Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care


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