Well, at least she gave the last one a good 10 days before calling it quits. She and former hairdresser/ movie producer, Jon Peters decided after 10 days they no longer wanted to be married to each other.

So guys, 52 year old bleach blonde with high mileage, some new parts but overall, in good shape. Hepatitis in remission. Only driven on days that end in y. Road tested by rock stars and who knows what else?


Remember the pre surgery Pam Anderson?  The one that was the Tool Time girl on the TV show Home Improvement? She looked much better then before all the plastic surgery.

I can't understand what the problem is with Pam and relationships. Generally, people get to know each other pretty well before they get married. A practice obviously not followed by Pam or her men.

A wise man once said "When picking a wife, take away her makeup and meds for a month and see what you've got".

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