If you have ever flown anywhere, you have probably seen the casual airport sign... welcome home, just a name, will you marry me...stuff like that.


But what would you think if you saw a sign that was completely crazy?  There have been a few of those around.  And they are priceless.  Like if someone asked the person picking them up to bring an item along.  One of these signs if my favorite,.. Welcome home, I have the Imodium you asked for.  How embarrassing, right?  Probably didn't even ask for it... what would you do?  Just keep walking like you don't know the person and take a cab?  Good Grief!

Anyway, you can check out a list of other hilarious signs from airports here... 


These have been seen all over the world.. maybe it will give you some ideas.  Make sure the person you make a sign for has a great sense of humor... or not.


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