This is the second year that we are coming upon the holiday season with still being on the "outer edges" of a global pandemic.

The CDC came out with some guidelines about how to celebrate with your family and friends during this time with a highly contagious Delta Variant of the COVID-19 virus.  Whether or not people go along with any of these guidelines is totally up to the individual and their family and/or friends.

One of the guidelines suggests that gatherings happen outside.  Obviously anyone who put this together isn't living in a colder climate.  We aren't in California.  This is almost impossible.

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Of course the CDC suggests getting vaccinated if you haven't been.  Also, wear a mask if you haven't been vaccinated, or even if you have if you are in a high transmission area.  They have also suggested not traveling if you haven't been vaccinated.

At least this year they are not totally suggesting doing everything virtually like they did for last year's festivities.  But if you feel safer doing it that way, consider doing that too.

Personally I feel like if you are feelilng sick, obviously stay home.  If you are around family members who are immune deficient, probably keep your distance from them. But basically celebrate the holidays with your friends and family.  No one ever knows what tomorrow will bring.  Just use some common sense.

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