Times have been tough for most everyone during this pandemic. Money's tight and there are certain things that can't and shouldn't wait. One of those would be your kids' education, for obvious reasons.  One being the longer they put off school, the bigger the chance they'll end up living in your basement til they're 35.

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I applaud Hormel Foods out of Austin for stepping up and creating a program called "Inspired Pathways".  This Hormel program, starting in 2021, will pick up the tab for 2 years tuition to college for all dependent children of Hormel employees. This is quite a significant savings for sure.

Being a high school graduate and meeting community college requirements are the only requirements for this program.

“Our inspired team consists of some of the most incredibly hardworking and dedicated people you will ever encounter. We have people from all backgrounds and cultures, and it is this diversity that fuels us and makes us the global leader we are in our industry. In some cases, we have team members who never had the opportunity to attend college. This program allows them to give their children that opportunity, creating a new generation of college students. They do so much for us, it’s truly a gift that we are excited to give to them.” said Jim Snee, , Hormel Foods chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer.

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As if that wasn't enough, Hormel will provide assistance filling out all the college applications and paperwork and if you've ever had to do this for your kid, you know what a confusing pain in the butt in can be.

Good move Hormel!  For more info check out hormelfoods.com


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