Many of us grew up with Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars or whatever little vehicles we could get our hands on. I most certainly did, and I played with those little cars in any way I could.

From trying to make little jumps with building a ramp out of boxes or pillows or anything I could find, and let those cars race down.

My cousin and I even built entire cities in any area of dirt we could find. Oh, and these cities were elaborate, they had everything.

There were police and fire stations, construction areas, garage mechanics, gas stations, restaurants and even places for the "bad guys" to hide out. And it was all connected by a HUGE roadway system. Man, I really miss those days.

Oops...sorry...I got caught up in my youth for a minute there.

Back to the original point of this. Check out this video of a Hot Wheels car getting the Go Pro treatment and giving us a perspective that we could only imagined as a kid.



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