A survey was recently done by Vinepair, titled " State That Drink the Most Alcohol". This survey only took into account the amount of spirits not beer, that people in our 50 states consumed on an annual basis.

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I was a little surprised at where Minnesota came in on the survey. I thought we'd at least be in the top 10, but nope. Minnesotans came in at  #13.  I guess when you don't count beer, it kind of brings thing down a bit.

Another surprise was Texas not even making the top 5. I was a bartender in Houston during the oil boom back in the early to mid 80's. I worked in a very nice restaurant that happened to be on the ground floor of an office building. I was amazed at all the people that would come down every day and have several drinks before returning to work. How does one do that.

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Coming in at number 13 is nothing to be ashamed of, or is it?  We drink more hard alcohol than most other states. Approximately 2.79 gallons annually a year per capita.

Nationally, the average is 2.35 gallons per capita, which translates into about 501 drinks a year.  According to the survey the top 5 boozing states are New Hampshire coming in at #1 followed by Washington D.C. (go figure), Delaware, Nevada and our neighbor, North Dakota coming in at #5

So, CHEERS, I guess.



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