There obviously isn't much on the agenda for the Minnesota State House. I can think of all kinds of things that they could be working on but Representative Jeremy Munson (R-Crystal Lake) has been spending his time putting together a bill that would let counties vote on seceding from Minnesota and becoming part of South Dakota.

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The bill, titled HF2243 gave me the great idea of maybe drug testing our state politicians.

"A County process established to request approval to be excluded from the Territory of Minnesota, application and final approval of exclusion request requirements established, and constitutional amendment proposed."

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No word on whether South Dakota wants anything to do with this hair brained waste of time and taxpayers money.

Petition to allow MN counties to join a State that respects Freedom and Liberty
four-step process:
✔️ Pass HF2423 by the #mnleg
✔️ MN Voters allow Counties to leave
✔️Counties vote to join neighboring State
✔️ Congress approves

 — Jeremy Munson (@jeremymunson) March 25, 2021

This is a snippet from Representative Munson's webpage in support of this less tha feasible idea.  "state lines have been relocated many times in American history because it just takes an interstate compact between two state legislatures and the approval of Congress". He also shares that five Counties in the State of Oregon are voting this May on whether to join Idaho.

Chances are that this bill will get the attention it deserves, nothing.  I can't believe that anyone in this position is actually being serious or is he just going for publicity? That seems to be the go to move for some of these people.

Personally, I might back this idea if Representative Munson and those like him also go to South Dakota.  I'm sure there are other "deep thinkers" that would take his place.

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