Happy Super Bowl weekend! The hoopla is over. The angles are exhausted. The food is ready to be violently devoured.

I may have to eat healthy food, but that doesn't mean I can't Cookie Monster that sh*t!   (Getty Images)

This year's "Big Game" is in Santa Clara (commonly referred to this year as "San Francisco"), CA. Minnesota will be the home of Super Bowl LII (52). Remember the last Super Bowl we hosted?

It was in that awesome abomination known as the Hubert H. Humphry Metrodome.

Sup?   (Getty Images)

I miss the 'dome. After my third rainout with the Twins, I've begun to miss it even more. But I digress.

So one memorable thing about Super Bowl XXVI (26) - besides Jim Kelly's four interceptions - was the Halftime Show. Specifically, how awful it was.

What could possibly go wrong?   (Buckets and Tap Shoes via YouTube)

Well...Exhibit A:

Aaaaand Exhibit B:


The game was broadcast on CBS, and Fox - probably knowing that the Halftime Show would suck - aired a special episode of In Living Color, which blew away the Halftime Show. As a result, the following Super Bowl Halftime Show featured Michael Jackson, and subsequent shows featured big-name talent. Some hits.


'Sup?   (Getty Images)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand some misses...

Safe assumption   (Getty Images)

Coldplay headlines this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show. Instead of getting a Bay-area legend to headline, the NFL went with these poppy Brits. Boooooooo! Time to go make a sandwich!

Which reminds me, I have to go healthy food grocery shopping....

Thug life...   (Getty Images)

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