In the age of the internet and places like Amazon, it's increasingly more tempting to shop online. But, shopping local is what keeps your community going.


When you shop online, money earned here goes somewhere else and local merchants are hurt. And it's not just the merchants that are hurt. It all flows downhill and affects employees and their families.

When you shop locally, the money stays right here in the community, benefiting people that live right here.

Oh, but it is so tempting to just jump on the internet and start your shopping from the convenience of home. Put in your order, credit card info and your stuff is at your doorstep in a day or two. Pretty convenient, right?

Convenient but not healthy for the local economy. I, for one, would not enjoy seeing nothing but vacant buildings where once thriving businesses used to be.

So when spending your hard earned money this Christmas shopping season, or any other season for that matter, shop local and your money accomplishes much more for the community you live in.


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