You have to admit, Costco seems to have it all figured out. They sell memberships for $60 and you come back often to load up on just about anything you need. pretty sweet deal for all involved, right?

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But, what if you just need to by in bulk for a special event or maybe you have your eye on some electronics or patio furniture, etc. Could be it's not quite worth it to become a Costco member, so what do you do?

What a lot of people don't know is that that Costco actually sells Costco cash cards. That's right, whether it's ten dollars or a thousand, you can get a Costco cash card, providing you have a friend that is a Costco member.

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Just give your friend some money to pick you up a cash card for you, in whatever denomination, next time they head to Costco. Have them pick you up a Costco cash card and you're all set. What are friends for, right?

You are allowed into the store without being with a member if you have a Costco cash card. Use it to buy whatever you want and all is good. Costco sees this as a chance to get new non members into the store in hopes they will become a member. You may see the benefit in joining up if you want to shop there often.

Keep in mind, that even without a Costco cash card, non-members can fill prescriptions, get their vision and hearing checked and eat in their great food court.


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