Howard has threatened to retire many times and each time he signs a last minute contract to stay on. This time he says that when his contract is up in 2020, he;s done with radio.

I'd be hard pressed to name someone that has been such a driving force in Rock Radio. Howard Stern has been at the top of the game for decades. Often labelled as "shock jock", Stern has blazed trails for many behind him. I've always thought of Stern as just "real".

Some or possibly many, don't really care for Stern's on-air style. What Howard is really good at is asking his guests the questions his listeners want to know the answers to. He has a great knack of not sugar coating it and asking the tough, often awkward questions.


I guess, retiring after pulling in around 100 million a year just from his show on Sirius/XM would be an easy thing to do. Plenty of money and paychecks from his other gigs.

Stern sights his health as the major reason. Howard is 65 and claims that when he's at home, he's fine. When he goes back to work, he suffers from anxiety and is tired of dealing with the day to day sh*t.

Howard Stern will be missed but leaves a great legacy as one of the most successful voices in radio.

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