HulkaMania's RUNNIN' WILD! I imagine that's the tagline we're supposed to have in our head as we watch this clever commercial for By now you've seen, or at least heard of the pop trainwreck that is Miley Cyrus. Whether you believe she's manipulating all the low-brows on the planet with her recent onslaught of dirty/dumb antics, or you believe that she's just a plain dumb tart, she's inspired a whole helluva a lot of interwebic© comedy.

Even though this phenom is pretty much over by now, it's become a household meme and, just when you thought it safe to refresh your browser, comes this chuckle guaranteed to make you wince like a folding chair to the back of the head.

Apparently, Hulk Hogan is fed up with web hosts that overcharge and under-deliver, so he's starting his own hosting company - powered by 24-inch pythons, brother.

I guess I won't slight the Hulkster his one last KO.


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