You probably think the headline must be a joke. But it's not a joke. My wife insists I golf more. She wants me to do this because I've been a workaholic lately -- to the point where it's been driving her crazy. She says it's terrible for my health and that I need to find something else to do, something I enjoy, that is not work-related.

If they say "happy wife, happy life," I have to listen to her, right? So I went golfing at Territory Golf Club with some co-workers. I had a wonderful time with them. There were lots of laughs, the weather was great (except for the strong winds), and golfing is excellent for doing the 'social distancing' thing.

I had never golfed that course before. It is a fun course to play. The scenery on the "back nine" (10-17) is beautiful. I can't wait to see it when everything blooms.

Check out the pictures of our first golf outing of the year below.


First Golf Outing of 2020

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