Can't say I'm not at least a little bit disappointed by the Viking's performance thus far. i also can't say that I'm completely surprised, either. It's just part of being a Vikings fan, i guess.

Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings
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I've lived through some pretty tough seasons and I've seen some really great ones, too. I go way back as a Vikings fan. Way back to when Joe Capp was quarterback.

The best of the Vikings has to be 4 seasons during the 70's. Four appearances, four massive disappointments. I go way back as a Vikings fan. Way back to when Joe Capp was quarterback.

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After seeing the Vikings make the playoffs 10 out of 11 seasons between 1968 and 1978, one would think they would pick up a Super bowl win in one of those years, but nope.

Those were the years of the Purple People Eaters featuring Alan Paige and Carl Eller. Also, during most if not all those years, super coach Bud Grant led the way to most of the playoffs but unfortunately, the Vikings went 0-4 for Super Bowls.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you've seen enough good Vikings football and have built up some significant scar tissue watching the "not so good" Vikings football, you most likely can hang in there and ride the ups and downs on the purple roller coaster.

Crossing my fingers and eyes for a 13- 3 season.



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