Wow, the Summer just flew by. Seems that Summer is in "snooze alarm" minutes while the Winter goes by in "microwave" minutes.


It's always a downer time of the year when we take in the pontoon and dock and close up the cabin for the year. We know it's going to be a long Winter again.  It always is.

Since I'm not really into winter sports, snowmobiling, skiing, ice skating, ice fishing and all that kind of stuff, Winter just seems like wasted time. Actually my main Winter sport is just staying warm.

One good point of our Winter weather is we don't seem to age as fast as warmer climate people. That's only because we're freeze dried a good amount of the year. So, there's that.

For many years I lived in the sunbelt, Florida, California, Texas and for some f'd up reason I always found my way back up north. Evidently, I was meant to freeze my walnuts off right here in the great upper mid west.

So, I guess, my big challenge for the next few months is to number one, stay warm and number two, live to see another Spring, Summer and Fall..


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