It's always a little scary to open up the cabin for the season. Some years, all is intact. Some years it's like the rodents had a 6 month party.

I guess it's just natural to seek some kind of shelter in the Winter, when the temps take a dive and food is difficult to find.

It seems a mouse is totally incapable of taking 2 or more steps with out dropping a mouse nugget or two. We spent all day Saturday just cleaning up the mess they made and trying to figure out just where they were coming in.

It looks like the mice were keeping company with chipmunks during the Winter months. I pulled a tissue out of the tissue box in the bathroom and a few acorns came flying out.


Thankfully, my wife Judy is like a white tornado when it comes to cleaning. Poor lady cleaned the entire kitchen. Every piece of silverware, every dish, glass and all cupboards were completely emptied and thoroughly cleaned. Quite an undertaking.

Before you suggest we place Bounce dryer sheets around the cabin, we did and they do work where you put them but we evidently failed to completely Bounce everywhere.

Next year. lookout!

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