I've always thought this would be a cool exhibit.  They have been working on making these Ice Castles for a few weeks now.  And they have been formed into castles.  It's one of those events that I have always wanted to see...and just haven't made the trip down to see them.

Photo courtesy of Stillwater Ice Castles/AJ.Mellor
Photo courtesy of Stillwater Ice Castles/AJ.Mellor

2 years ago it was in Stillwater- this is where the event generally takes place.  Last year it was in Excelsior.  This was because of some work that was being done on a bridge, I believe.  This year it was supposed to move back to Stillwater, but there was another issue.  So, this year you will be able to enjoy the Ice Castles in New Brighton.

But if you are a person who likes to travel around and see cool things like this, Ice Castles is shown in 6 different cities.

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