I've followed Steve Martin's career since the very beginning. Well, at least from the time he stormed on the seen in the 70's.

We all have to start somewhere and Martin landed his first job at Disneyland selling guide books on weekends and the Summer months.

Later, Steve Martin landed a job in 1967 as a writer for the Smothers Brothers Show. He won an Emmy for that and went on to write for shows like Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour and the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.


In the mid 70's, Martin made stand up comedy appearances on the Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson and went on to appear on Saturday Night Live 27 times, hosting 15 times. He released several comedy albums which sold millions of copies.

In the early 80's, Martin stopped doing stand up. he never announced it, he just stopped. Some attribute his exit from stand up to a serious bout of stage fright. He went on to star in many movies. Who can forget "The Jerk"? Classic!.

Happy 74th Birthday, Steve Martin!

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