Last week we were speculating on IHOP's proposed change to IHOB. What could it be?  Well, we guessed maybe international house of Breakfast. That would make sense, right? Even International House of Bacon would work. But to our surprise this morning, it was revealed as the new International House of Burgers. Gee, is there a shortage of places you can buy burgers?  Also, is a burger considered an international entree?  Seems to me you can't throw a dead cat without hitting somewhere that serves burgers. My theory is that the guy that came up with this idea was the same guy that came up with NEW COKE back in the 90's. He's probably been unemployed all these years after being catapulted from his plush office at Coca Cola.  My other theory is they are pulling our collective legs and just sayiing that it stands for International House of Burgers just to make us all think WTH? I imagine the next few days we'll get some answers. Personally, I think they should have changed their name to Sticky's Pancake House.  -Baxter

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