I know what you're thinking, another story about Popeye's chicken sandwich.  You would be incorrect. Believe it or not, it's the new chicken sandwich from, in my opinion the most unexpected place, Burger King.

photo credit: Daym Drops/ via YouTube
photo credit: Daym Drops/ via YouTube

I don't frequent Burger King much unless I have little other choice. Especially, since they shut the one down on Lincoln Avenue, just a short stroll from the radio station.

Being the second largest burger chain in the country, you'd think Burger King would have been quick to put up a contender against the chicken sandwiches from McDonald's, KFC, and Popeye's.

I've heard good things about the chicken sandwiches from all the above but the one that is getting excellent reviews on the internet lately, is Burger King's chicken sandwich.  According to the rave reviews, the new Hand-Breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Burger King is the closest to rivaling Popeye's famous chicken sandwich.

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This new and improved version is actually of a menu item that was already available on the Burger King menu.  But then came the "chicken sandwich wars" and Burger King after studying the idea for awhile, actually since 2019, made some great improvements to their chicken sandwich and they are back in the game.

"What if hand-breading were to chicken what flame-grilling is to burgers?" Ellie Doty, the brand's chief marketing officer, said at the time. "That's been our guiding filter to bring a delicious chicken sandwich to guests in a way only BK can."

BK's new chicken sandwich followed the winning combo of a very crispy chicken fillet on a potato bun, some crinkle-cut pickles and their signature mayo like sauce slathered all over the chicken fillet. The hand breaded fillet is juicer and crisper than ever. But the kicker is the spicy sauce.

One of the most followed food critics on social media, Bill Oakley, Calls BK's chicken sandwich a "colossal achievement", one that's better than both McDonald's and Chick-fill-A.  That's pretty big talk.

"This is probably the best sandwich on the menu at Burger King, and it's the best thing they've introduced in decades," he said.

My mouth has been watering since I started writing this story, so I'm off to Burger King.


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