God knows I've had my share of hazy weekends. But this past weekend takes the cake.


I was about 160 miles north of St Cloud, up in the Detroit Lakes area and it was very hazy. I understand it was hazy here also..

They say all the haze was from the fires in Canada. I also hear maybe it's from even the fires in Montana and the big one in California. Evidently the jet stream is carrying the smoke across the northern United States.

It's tragic the damage and in California, the loss of life and property. Last I heard, seven fire fighters have lost their lives fighting the California fires.

There is a guy in custody, charged with intentionally setting the California fires. He's being held on 10 million dollars bond. Sad to think someone is that deranged.

On the plus side, there were a couple of interesting sunsets where I was. Hopefully, these fires can be contained and the sky and air will be clear once again. Then I'll  just have to deal with my own personal haze.


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