Amazon sells just about everything, from every day items to hard-to-find specialty gifts. Now, they're selling homes and shipping them directly to you!

The tiny house fad is all the craze right now, and Amazon is jumping into that market as well, hoping to be the #1 selling "tiny home" retailer in the they are with everyone else.

If you're all about living in a tiny home, and think it's a huge money saver, you might be in for a little surprise. The price of Amazon's tiny homes (built by MODS International) are $36,000 and that doesn't include the lot to put it on. To get it to Minnesota will cost you around $3700 in shipping as well.

MODS International via

Basically it's a shipping container exterior with windows. The interior is fully insulated and has heat and A/C, so it can certainly stay comfortable in Minnesota's hot and cold months. What I noticed in the interior, although very small, it's very upscale inside. The woodwork and layout is impressive!

You may want to do some research before you place an order for one of these, as many Minnesota cities have an ordinance for tiny homes...especially if they're a modified shipping container like these are.

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