You hear all the stuff coming out of Washington, how great the economy is. All the jobs created and everybody is doing great. You know the drill. Trouble is, you can say it all you want but are you actually doing better in the "supposed" great economy?  Big stores, restaurants, and factories closing down putting hundreds, maybe even thousands of St Cloud area residents out of work. I understand the retail part of it. Retail shopping habits have changed and a great deal of shopping is done online. How does this help our local economy?  I wish I could say I was doing better today than I was a few years ago but I'd be lying. I'm making about forty percent less than I was just a few years ago. The jobs I see being created are mostly low paying entry level positions. Were we really gullible enough to believe that big tax breaks for corporations were going to benefit the average working person?  So, my question is, are you doing better in this "great economy"?

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