You wouldn't think so, but nestled in Deephaven, Minnesota is this gigantic mansion.  It is the most expensive house in the state.  Priced at just under 16 million dollars sitting on just shy of 2 acres of land.

When I saw the photos I thought for sure some famous actor or someone along those lines lived there and it was like in Los Angeles or somewhere similar.  Nope, right here in Minnesota.  Although if this house happened to be in LA it would probably be twice as much.  You have got to check out the photos.  Crazy!  And who has that kind of dough??

This house has 7 bathrooms!  Who the heck needs 7 bathrooms?  Just use a different one each day of the week... and the cleaning.  Definitely need to have not just a person who cleans, you need to have a cleaning STAFF to clean and maintain a house like that.  Plus a gardener.  The yard is pristine.  And it also has really cool shaped hedges and such.

Maybe we can all pool our money and buy this place.  You'd never see your roommates, so why not?

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