I'm not sure who pays these researchers to do these studies but it seems like maybe they could be working on more important things like disease and maybe how to pick lotto numbers.


Have you ever been at work at 2:46 in the afternoon and all of a sudden you have the "Urge to merge", you know, have sex?

According to this recent study, the time people are most likely to be turned on is 2:46 PM. They offer no explanation as to why this is so. Perhaps it's nature's way of keeping you awake for the duration of your workday.

The survey also found the biggest turn-ons and turn-offs.

People's top 10 turn-ons were;

Smelling good, being affectionate, making one feel appreciated, dressing nicely, intelligence, confidence, generosity, listening, playing with her hair and being tall.

Top 10 turn-offs:

Bad hygiene, being mean, being rude to restaurant staff, eating with your mouth open, flirting with others, talking about your ex, being cocky (huh), talking too much, dressing poorly and probably the worst of all, baby talk.

Just for the fun of it, set your phone alarm for 2:46 PM and see how you are feeling.

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