It's Friday... but it was a pretty busy day today. We gave away Dream Getaway #50- congratulations to Lee Meyer of St. Cloud who plans to go to Florida sometime this summer.  It's Free Beer Friday, and to top everything off, if that wasn't enough of a big day... it's Johnny U and Lame Joke Friday on a Friday the 13th!


So, lame joke Friday.  We got 2 submissions from Johnny U.  The first one was really just stare at each other when we were through the first joke.  What the heck was that??  Then the 2nd one came along.  Of course, that one was better.  Maybe he should have lead with that one.  The second joke was talking about bear hunting.  You will have to listen to it to get the gist.  But, It even  had Baxter laughing.  So, you know it's gotta be sort of good.

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Comedy... it's so hard.  You know at least some of the people aren't going to like it. We keep bringing Johnny in here with his jokes hoping that it will be something that everyone will like.  So far, that hasn't happened.  Poor Johnny.

Here is this week's offerings:

Maybe we should be nicer to Johnny. He tries so hard.  I mean, he came  up with these two jokes just this morning.   Talk about being dedicated to your craft!

He'll be back again next until then, laugh  at most everything else because this will probably continue down this road.


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