We tend to constantly complain about the cold weather in Minnesota, oky, maybe it's mostly me. Hey, it's Minnesota in November. It's supposed to be cold, right. Like I said, it could be a whole lot worse.

Watching the wildfire coverage from California and the destruction and great loss of life can make you appreciate whatever Minnesota throws at us. And it's not just the fires there, there is always the chance of an earthquake.

Living in the Southeast isn't much better as far as natural disasters. Hurricanes, no thanks. Then of course the gators, snakes and deadly spiders.

The Southern Midwest is prone to tornadoes, more so that we are. All in all, we live in a pretty safe place.


At least here in good ol' Minnesota we just fret about fluffy white stuff falling from the sky.

So Minnesota gets a little cold and has giant mosquitoes. I guess I can live with that.


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