So, I wasn't even sure Johnny U was going to come in today with his lame joke for Lame Joke Friday.  But.... sure enough he came in to deliver probably one of the worst jokes I have ever heard.  You have got to listen to the first one.  OMG!  What was even the point of that thing??

I've go to say, ,however, that he did seem to kind of redeem himself with the second joke.  Even though he thought maybe he shouldn't have used that joke.. but I said afterwards that it was funny!  People will like it!

It was completely lame into what was completely sort of kind of funny... maybe a bit off-color, but funny non the less.

Let's all have a wonder Christmas, as even Johnny U is wearing a festive red holiday sweater, and we can all thank our lucky stars that the last joke of the year has been given.

Johnny U will be back after the first of the year with a whole new batch of horrible jokes.


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