Johnny U strikes again.  He missed last week because he was on vacation.  Who said he could go on vacation?  But, last week was missed, so he was trying to make up for that.  Unfortunately it didn't make up for it, we did have a couple of "jokes" this week again.

First there was the one dealing with frozen things and cheating things and Heaven.  You'll have to listen to hear how that went.  Then, of course, since we are still in season, we have a golf joke.  RIDERS!

So, what did you think?  Good?  Bad?  Worth the wait?  Does Johnny U have a future in joke telling?  He tries this every week and usually gets the crickets.  Honestly, once in a blue moon he has something relatively funny.  But not lately.

Tune in next Friday when Johnny U will come in and try and get us to laugh with another joke.  Just about 7:35 every Friday morning.  Right after sports with Daavvve.

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