We all tend to shop the "big box stores" on occasion or sometimes even exclusively. Online shopping was the way to go during the shutdown. But it's the small business owners that have had a pretty tough time surviving all pandemic fallout.


Honestly, the big guys are going to be just fine. Although it's always been beneficial to communities for people to patronize local businesses whenever possible, it's more important now than ever to shop your local businesses and help keep these business owners afloat.  When we spend our money locally, it benefits many in the community.

These local small business owner, I'm betting, aren't posting billions of dollars in quarterly profits. They depend on your steady business to keep operating and paying their employees.

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When you spend your money locally, their employees are paid and in turn spend their money, hopefully locally.  See how that works? Many in the community benefit.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, say you need a new lawnmower. Instead of heading to the big box store, you might want to visit your local hardware store. Your business will most likely be greatly appreciated. Heck, the lawnmower may even cost you a few bucks more. Just consider that few bucks an investment in your community.

It would be terribly sad to see more small business owners have to throw in the towel. This pandemic has been so tough on everyone and small business is in desperate need of your support.

Spent locally and spread the word.


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