Now, these are the kind of days that I can absolutely get behind!  And as a really good friend of mine said, 'today is National Donut Day, which means that all donuts are calorie free'.  Right on!


There are some deals that you can get on donuts all over, depending on where you are.  If there happens to be a Krispy Kreme in your vicinity, you can get a free donut just for walking into the place.  Dunkin Donuts also has a great deal.  And my favorite, Kwik Trip has a deal on donuts all weekend long.  Oh, and WalMart- they have a deal too.  Just head to the bakery section.


Beginning today, you can get 4 cake donuts for a buck.  Seriously, that's only a quarter for each one.  There is no way you can go wrong with that!

What is your favorite kind of donut? My favorite has to be either a long john, or the raised sugar donuts.  I am absolutely in the minority, however.  After a survey was taken, these were the findings:


Glazed, Boston Creme and Chocolate frosted.  And here is everything you have EVER wanted to know and more about donuts.

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