Sure, it's due to warm up a bit tomorrow into the 40's and possible 50's within a week. Your mind naturally starts thinking Spring is here. Not so fast. How many times have you thought winter weather was gone and all of a sudden "thud" more snow and a lot of it.

Spring Weather Finally Arrives In The UK
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The forecast calls for mostly warmer temps for at least the first two weeks of March but what makes me nervous is what about the second half of March.

The way weather has been all over the place, all over the entire country, I will not believe Spring is here until Spring is here.

So, don't jinx it!  No walking around talking about how nice the weather is and that you are sure happy winter is finally over. Don't, I repeat, don't put away your winter clothing and snow removal equipment, like shovels and snow blowers until April.

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I can't think of many things I trust less than Mother Nature. She can be cunning and cruel. Especially, when she knows you've been holed up all winter just waiting for the sweet relief of Springtime. That's when she likes to strike.

Until we are into April, I will be keeping my winter clothing handy and my ice scraper within reach in my back seat. If fact, I'm not even washing my car until the slush season is over with.

So, please don't jinx it!  Patiently wait for Spring to bloom.  Good things come to those who wait or something like that.

As far as weather goes, March is a crap shoot!

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