No, I'm not talking about the crud that hangs over the top of your jeans when you need to lose a few pounds...  I'm talking about actual muffin tops.  Like the ones that they talked about in that Seinfeld episode.

McDonald's has been losing some breakfast customers since they added the all day breakfast.  So, they thought of introducing muffin tops.  That's the part everyone likes, anyway.  One problem... the writer of that famous episode of Seinfeld thinks that it's a great idea too... but he'd like a check.  Like.. he'd like to get paid for that idea, thank you!  

When McDonald's even references the episode you have to think that the person who wrote said episode would want a cut of the profits from that, right?

If this is a success for McDonald's... even if it isn't, you'd think that they would still have enough to pay off this guy, right?  Step up, McDonalds!

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