Jimmy Page week rolls on today on the Jenna James Corner.

I caught some heat yesterday for not mentioning that it was John Paul Jones' 65th birthday. I dedicated this week as Jimmy Page Week seeing as how I have the whole week to dedicate to Jimmy. My apologies. That being said, please accept this as my amend before I move on to Jimmy.

John Paul Jones is an immensely talented musician, producer, arranger and composer, not only writing songs for Led Zeppelin, but also taking on the roles of bass, keyboard, steel guitar, mandolin, etc. within the band and also influencing several great bass players including Gene Simmons and Geddy Lee. John has a new band now that you should really check out called Them Crooked Vultures.

Now, on with the countdown.

In 1952, Jimmy's family moved in to a house where he found a guitar. No one seemed to know why it was there, and in 1956 at the age of 12, he picked it up and taught himself to play it. One year later in 1957, Jimmy and some of his mates played two songs on the Huw Wheldon Show. Keep an eye on the lad in the dark sweater on the left.

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