Gods of Rock Led Zeppelin were bestowed with Kennedy Center Honors earlier this month and the gala was taped for broadcast and it was shown last night on CBS. In case you missed it, here's what went down. 

I was so glad to see that Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters was on hand to pay tribute. He's an awesome drummer and a Led Zeppelin superfan and watching him bash away on Rock n' Roll was crazy! John Bonham was relatively calm behind the kit, but I think that if he were more charismatic, Dave Grohl is what we would get. Dave even has the Bonham look down. Foo Fighters' normal drummer Taylor Hawkins took over vocals on the track and he didn't do too bad. I wish they had shown their rendition of Black Dog, but Rock n' Roll was just fine by me.

OK. What the hell was up with Kid Rock? Horrid version of Ramble On. Ugh. Thank God it was short.

Lenny Kravitz did a smashing job on Whole Lotta Love and I just about lost my teeth seeing President Barack Obama singing along. I didn't think he was that cool. The guitarist that Lenny had with him was nothing short of amazing and note for note was damn near perfect. Kudos to Lenny and his band.

The highlight for me though was Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart backed by a gospel choir doing Stairway to Heaven. Not just because it's Stairway, but because it was probably one of my most favorite non Zeppelin versions ever. John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page all seemed to be genuinely thrilled with the version. The look on Robert's face when he sees Jason Bonham stepping in on drums was just priceless. It gives me chills to watch and I do believe at about 4:39, Mr. Plant looks a little misty eyed. See for yourself: