The remaining members of Led Zeppelin and the late John Bonham's son put on a heck of a show at the O2 in London, but how does Jason really feel about being a part of the reunion?

I got to see Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience a couple of years ago and if you closed your eyes, you almost couldn't tell the difference. Almost. Jason had a lot of really great stories and fond memories of growing up Bonham. Now that he's a drummer and a musician in his own right with his band Black Country Communion, how did he feel about being part of the Led Zeppelin reunion show?

In an interview with, Jason says that being asked to drum in place of his father and being a part of that Historic night, meant a lot to him and the fact that they wanted him to be there was "a huge honor". He explains that when his dad, John died in 1980, he vowed to "carry on the tradition" and being asked 30 years later to be a part of Celebration Day; a one night only piece of music history, he feels like he accomplished his goal.

I was lucky enough to get in to the Celebration Day screening out at the Parkwood last month and it gave me chills. Hell, I saw the trailer and started crying. I'm shocked Jason could keep it together playing with those guys for two hours. Jason is hoping that his appearance with the rest of the surviving Led Zeppelin members will generate more interest in his tribute show - which is amazing by the way. I saw it once and would go again in a heartbeat.

Celebration Day arrives in stores on November 19.