This is a great story. A group allowed a super fan to create their ideal set list for a recent show in Europe. 

A die hard Pearl Jam fan was allowed to create their own "perfect" set list at a concert in Amsterdam. It was part of a contest that was run through their fan club.

The lucky winner was a guy named Brian from Rhode Island and he said that he created the set list about "40 or 50" times before coming up with the final draft. The band did get through most of the list, with a few minor changes.

One of the songs Brian included was a track called Bugs off of Vitalogy. It's a really obscure song featuring the accordion and Eddie Vedder mumbling about insects. They did it live for the first time in 2009 and played it live for the second time ever at this show.

So, this begs the question: If you could create the ideal set list from your favorite band, who would it be and which songs would you include?

I chose Led Zeppelin, but I did have to flip two coins because I had four bands that I would pick. Then the two that won the coin toss, I had to do a flip off and Zeppelin won.

Here's the list. It was tweaked and tweaked and some didn't make the list that should have made the list, but I did eenie, meenie, miney, moe and here's what won:

Good Times Bad Times, Over the Hills and Far Away, Hey Hey What Can I Do, The Rover, The Crunge, Misty Mountain Hop, Your Time is Gonna Come, Immigrant Song, Trampled Underfoot, Houses of the Holy, Whole Lotta Love, Gallow's Pole, Communication Breakdown, Rock n' Roll, Heartbreaker/Livin' Lovin' Maid, D'yer Mak'er, Thank You, Boogie With Stu, Black Dog, The Ocean. Then the encore would be: Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreaux and Stairway to Heaven.

The songs that didn't make the final list, but were on the radar were: Dancin' Days, Fool in the Rain, Goin' to California, Kashmir, Ramble On, Tangerine, What Is and What Should Never Be, For Your Life, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Ozone Baby, Candy Store Rock, Darlene, When the Levee Breaks and All My Love. Like I said, I did eenie, meenie, miney, moe and sometimes it's not perfect.

Who would you choose and what songs would you pick?